About us

After years of playing games we are still not finished playing around.
Now we use this practical knowledge to collect some coins in the non-virtual world.
We develop media with a focus on enjoyment, exploration and gaming.

Highlight: TripleS

Be sure to check out our three player oldskool brawler TripleS!
It's available for free!

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Coins go in. Games come out!

Our Services

As said, our field of expertise runs from idea’s to concepts to development to products.
We either sketch, draw, program, paint, copy, paste, prototype or throw away and pick back up.
We have the tools needed to build that awesome project!

Some "interesting" facts about us

Creating awesome stuff
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made by us
Times lost at
Mortal Kombat
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You are always invited to enjoy our beautiful view or adjust your own view on your project.
Our practical knowledge can be of service to you. We are always prepared to entice your creative senses
by means of a good conversation or a swift brainstorm.

A batch of fresh coffee and inspiration is roasted within seconds.

One Upped Games

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